Friday, October 15, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Sorry for the lateness of the post, having trouble uploading photos. not sure if it was me or blogger. probably me. anyway, what a wonderful Wednesday i had! The first stop was at The Country Peddler in Brookings SD. I tried to photograph the cool orange J.Jill coat i got (among other things) but it wouldn't show well on a hanger. then i laid it on a chair. that wasn't too hot either. so, i will just have to put it on and have someone take a picture later tonight. i guess you know what tomorrows blog will be. Then Linda and i grabbed some ice cream at DQ and strolled thru McCrory Gardens located on the campus of South Dakota State University.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tree! It is a Salix Rigida or 'American McKay'. The sign said it was useful for making baskets. I really don't want to make a basket (already done that, not my calling), but i do want to plant one of these at my farm. Problem is: I don't have a farm. A girl can dream can't she??? i have this whole list of trees and shrubs and vines and bushes that will be on my farm. Just as soon as i get one....

Pampas Grass (spelling?) by the fountain. I tell ya, the pathways here are gorgeous! You simply have to visit if you are up in the area.

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  1. Hi,

    don't you hate it when blogger acts up? I had trouble downloading picture today is so fustrating. Your pictures are lovely. I have a dwarf pampas grass and it is blooming now too. They are quite dramatic.