Monday, October 4, 2010

Super-Fantastic Creative Inspiring Weekend

Just couldn't wait to get up this morning and share with all of you how wonderful my weekend was! As you can clearly see i went to a quilt show on Saturday. You're just gonna have to wait til tomorrow to see what i did on Sunday. So anyway, talk about inspiration!!! They were all so beautiful! Now, i just want to tell ya, you may be thinking that just because you don't quilt or sew you wouldn't want to attend. Oh, how sooo wrong be you! These aren't just bed covers! These are intricate pieces of art. The colors, the craftsmanship, texture and creativity! Need i go on and on? Of course not, that would be rambling. So i shall stop and let you see for yourself.
Here is what i mean about that "artful" thing. I know it is hard to see in pictures, but the use of netting, beads, sequins, buttons! No, these aren't your grammas quilts anymore!

Here the actual quilting is done in a spiderweb motif on a Halloween quilt. How fun is that? Can't wait to show you what i did the rest of the weekend, tune in tomorrow!

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