Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll

Here is a picture of the hutch in my kitchen. I like to change the decor every season. quite pleased with this year's autumn endeavor.
I try to use multi-seasonal items in my displays. For instance, the red apples might show up in a Christmas display. Or, the blue and clear canning jars may be included in a July 4th corner. That way i get lots of different looks with some of the same items. That may lead one to think i don't need as much "stuff". Oh, how wrong one might be....

I like these little guys daring you to sneak a treat!


  1. Hi,

    Your display is quite pretty and I really like your idea of using things that will multi-task through different seasons...without redoing everything! That can become exhausting and expensive. Great job!

  2. Your hutch looks great! Your idea of multi-seasonal items is so smart!