Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catching Rays

Yesterday afternoon i took a few minutes to sit out front. usually i sit on the back deck, but the front faces the west and it was so nice and warm with the sun shining. "they" said it would be the last really nice day and "they" were right since i woke up this morning to grey drizzle. i enjoyed a cup of hot cider and broke open my new Country Living.
Ever made Cranberry Pie? Me neither. Sounds kinda good. May have to give it a try for Thanksgiving. Sounds festive, don't you agree? If it turns out you can bet i will share the recipe with you!


  1. Today here is our first day in a week without rain...of course we get rain so seldom that it is always appreciated. Any excuse for sitting down to look at "Country Living" is totally acceptable.(-:

  2. hi connie!

    thanx for visiting my blog! how fun that you're from milbank! i have a friends in milbank! hope you're having a great monday! your blog is fun!!! happy day...