Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just One More

I promise, I'll be done now. For awhile at least. Honestly, how do you put up with me??? I don't know, but it just seems lately that everything looks better in a cup. Maybe because it is so cold and white outside that curling up at home with a cup of something just makes one feel rather cozy. Like your favorite slippers.

I really have been enjoying the time I've been taking to post these blogs. I'm sure the family believes I have finally lost my last marble. I'm always searching for the best lighting in the house (dining room), moving things to get a better photo (even if the object is right in the middle of somewhere where it shouldn't be). I dig in my fabric stash for just the right background material. I go through closets searching for "that" vase. I lay in bed at night wondering if i have cool whip in the freezer for the photos i want to take tomorrow.....yippee! There it is way in back, i better take it out to thaw.
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