Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Coffee With a Friend

Is there anything better? I mean really. Pick up the phone and there she is. It seemed we had so much to say. So, i said, "Why don't you just come over?". And she did. Just like that. We see each other here and there, and at our monthly book club. But coffee? We hadn't done that in oh, so long! I meet her at the door, and she hands me this beautiful embroidered runner. She says "I thought you would like this!" No, I don't like it--I LOVE it! Don't you agree???

I really do. I mean, who took the time to lovingly do this? Where was she from? How many hands has it passed thru? I like that about old things. If only they could talk. Character, many objects have it. Not so much with people anymore.....

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