Friday, February 4, 2011

School's On!

Oh, my yes! I swear i could hear one huge glorious sigh as i awoke this morn. Mothers across the land breathing a sigh of relief as children crawled out of bed to attend the first day back to school after a 6 day break. It is now above 0 degrees. its funny how that used to feel cold, but everyone you meet has a smile and greets you with "nice day, isn't it?" And they really mean it!
Now, moving on. I have found yet another favorite. It is the Pioneer Woman blogsite. Please visit her. Below is her picture of Italian Drip Beef. This i will attempt for tonight's dinner. It looks soooo yummy! You can find the recipe on her page, and if it turns out for me, i will post it also very soon.
Have a wonderful Friday.

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