Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Have Mercy!

This morning as i post this it is -23, with wind chills of -36. That beats my post of a few days ago. Just to the northwest of us the windchill is -46. Mercy, i say, Mercy!!! Sunday thru Monday we accumulated 10 inches of fresh, fluffy snow. Then came the wind. Now for those of you who aren't accustomed to this, it means that every road in the county is continually drifted shut. Therefore, school has been cancelled for 3, yes 3, days in a row. Now, for me that's not so bad as my daughter is older and has her own schedule.
But, here is the typical household: Monday. Yippee, no school! Mom says, Lets watch a movie and bake some cookies, call Grandma and do a craft. Tuesday. Wow, no school! Mom says, Lets sleep in, watch cartoons, do a puzzle and clean your room. Wednesday. Boy, no school. Mom says, This is really getting old. What am i gonna do with 'em today? Seriously, is it that cold? are the roads that bad? What are those school officials thinking??? Send the kids to the Library than to an indoor pool somewhere. I can jump start the truck, i know i can.....

Good news on the horizon:


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  1. On my gosh...what weather, you really need a "spring break".