Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ho-Hum Bug

Now, don't go getting all excited. This is not from my home. You see, i'm having just a little glitch in my decorating scheme this year. Nothing seems to go together right. my Christmas Village that usually goes up in 4-5 hrs. took 2 days this year. i can't decide where to put my snowmen, i don't have near enough candles, and i put the small tree in the dining room instead of the family room. is that wrong....must be cause now the family room seems bare. so, i had to scrounge for the garland to put around the fire place. then i had to dig for more lights because it wasn't bright enough. see what i mean???
The above photo is inspiration from cozylittlehouse. She has the best ideas! I encourage you to stop by and visit her if you haven't already. And so, i will plug onward. Hopefully i will have something to show you soon!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! However, I completely understand. It's funny how somethings go together so easily and some don't. Also, after perusing blogland, sometimes I am very intimidated by all the beautiful decor I see. Keep going. I bet your decorations are lovely.

  2. Sometimes things just don't seem to go along in decorating, as with everything else in life.(-: Then something happens and it all starts to fall in place - which I am sure will happen with you...when you post your decorations they will be wonderful.(-: