Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Buds For You

Don't you just love it when you look at the trees in the Springtime and you can see the green haze of buds just waiting to burst? The photo above is from one of my older lilac bushes. When i got it, it was 4 inches high and supposed to eventually bloom yellow. I was soooo excited. I babied that thing in a pot, then brought it to our new home when we moved. I planted, watered and fertilized by the book. The result? A wonderful 14 ft. high shrub that blooms the standard purple, however; has no scent. Disappointment set in. I have learned to love the thing though. Just to show, you don't always get what you want in life, but it can be beautiful anyway.

These are buds from a little tree that sprouted in my flowerbed (don't even know what it is). I just let the thing go... cause, well, i have a real hard time killing anything. It is now 10 ft. tall, growing like a weed, and totally in the wrong place. However, it will stay. Just, well.... because.
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