Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grandma's Blanket

These are my Grandparents, Henry and Laurena. One thing i always remember about their home was the crocheted afghan on the back of the sofa. My Great-Grandmother made it, so it was there from my very first memory (note the date on the picture, Sept. 66). I was just born that June, so really there was never a time when i visited that it was not there.

This past January when i decided it was time to take Mr. Hook out again, my thoughts ran back to Grandmas and the blanket on the sofa. I carefully picked out the yarn colors from this photo and my memories.

When i told mom of my plan, she stated she in fact had the blanket packed away in her closet. It now resides with me. Funny how one remembers things. I picked maroon as the main color, when actually it is a bright red. And, of course, mine ended up being much larger, cause i figure the bigger the better!

Stay tuned for pics of my finished project.
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