Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snail Mail

Oh! What a delight to bring the in mail yesterday and discover this little gem! It's a hand made card from a dear friend! These things just don't happen much anymore, and i have to admit i send very few rays of sunshine thru snail mail myself. However, she knew this was just what the Dr. ordered. I felt better just knowing that someone was thinking of me. Remember back a short while ago, before email, when snail mail was the only way to send a card? We are all in such a hurry these days, but when that hand-addressed little envelope caught my eye i couldn't help but feel special. Truly, sending things snail mail is more of a lost art form anymore, and makes it seem like such a novelty. Perhaps that should be the Post Office's new motto: When you want someone to know you really care, rely on us!
Isn't it just peachy to see how i fit it right into my Easter decorating? Now i have a challenge for you. Just leave a comment about this blog by Friday, March 12, and i will send a card, via snail mail to you. (remember to email your address to me if i don't have it). You never know what it may contain, or what might be tucked inside.....

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