Saturday, January 15, 2011

Think Pink

Usually for Valentines Day i decorate my hutch in reds. But this year i thought to go softer. Pink i decided, yes, pink. I commenced to scour the house for anything pink. I searched high and low, inside cupboards and out, up high and down low. Dear friends, i am at quite a loss for pink. I did find the box of dishes i had purchased at an auction last summer. They are quite beautiful, and all the pieces are there down to the gravy boat and serving bowls. Not bad for $17.

Here is the marking on back. I am not into china at all, other than just thinking how pretty certain pieces are. I have never heard of Canonsburg, PA before. Now i will need to dig the atlas out and see where it is. Anyway, i'm sure it is quite a popular pattern and not worth millions or anything. however, if it is worth millions (or even one million), would someone be kind enough to let me know as i just paid college tuition for my son yesterday! In the mean time, i will continue to wrack my brain over the pink hutch decorating thing...Posted by Picasa


  1. I love pink but when I tried to find some of it for a post vignette the other day I had trouble too. Why not do the red again, it sounds awfully pretty.

  2. Your dishes are lovely. I haven't even started thinking about Valentines!

  3. Those are beautiful! I have a ne habit of buying antiques and great little finds down at our thrift store (you should check it out!). I hope I didn't just give away a secret of mine hehe

    I like the pink idea :)