Friday, January 14, 2011

Frugal Goodness

I've started off the year trying my hardest to be frugal. Not that i wasn't before; quiting one's full-time job does put a damper on a few things!

This morning i thought about going to our Farm Show here in town. I thought about wandering thru the neat rows of booths visiting with the people i know behind the tables. Then my mind wondered to lunch....they always have the best food there. You know the kind, wonderful home-made sandwiches and salads. Usually pies. Ice Cream. SNAP. Back to reality. Yes, i will still go to the Farm Show this afternoon, after all, when something different is going on in a small town, one must simply take advantage. But, no, i will not eat lunch there. Instead i made egg salad. Now, i can just here some of you...EGG SALAD you say? Yes, egg salad. I like egg salad. In fact, there are very few things i do not like. I eat sauerkraut, smoked salmon, even homemade eggnog. Raw eggs don't faze me (i know i heard you gasp, but i haven't died yet). In fact, i can only think of two things right off-hand that i dislike. are you ready? drum roll: Celery and Caviar. So, what do you dislike? please let me know!

For now, i'm going to hop on over to the Farm show. After all, i have some quarters in my pocket and i believe there may be some ice cream calling my name.....

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  1. Among other things I am not fond of sushi or pumpkin pie. But I am with you on egg salad sandwiches ~ yummy!