Monday, November 1, 2010

Stinkin' Cute

So over the weekend, i'm searchin' the web for some new little do-dad to whip up. I came across wine gift bags made from old denim! And, i say to myself--I have old denim. I can do that. So i did. i gotta tell you, i had to text a girlfriend right away. Isn't the little pocket on the front just the sweetest thing you ever did see??? I put a vintage hankie inside, but it would be great to stick in a cork screw, coffee spoons, candy, ect. And, instead of wine, you could put in gourmet cooking oil, or bubble bath. The taller bottles from Avon would work superb! And, you could use any ribbon like plaid for Christmas or polka dot for birthday. Can you tell my mind is just in a whirl? If you would like to have one of these for yourself, just let me know they are $6 plus shipping. I can do them for ANY occasion!
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  1. are right, these are very, very cute. A great idea and everybody likes denim.(-: Good luck with your new endevor.

  2. Very cute! I hope you sell a lot for the holidays!