Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Feel a Looming Presence...

Yes! My new friend, Erlys, and I ventured over to Benson, MN to visit Diane at Swift Weavers. We spent a wonderful afternoon learning all about the looming experience. Above is Erlys working on her beautiful wall hanging.

Here is my table runner complete with buttons that were left on the recycled garments that were cut up to make this wonderful creation. I love the fact that it is the ultimate in recycling! I remember growing up we had woven rugs like this made of old denim and i swear, they NEVER wear out!

Here i am at my loom. I need lipstick or blush or something.....

Here we are together with our finished projects. Aren't they beautiful??? If you are ever over in western MN, make sure to stop in and see Diane. Her store is so special! You will find jewelry, clothing, napkins, seasonal items, drapes, coffee, any giftable item you would need! Thank you, Diane, for your knowledge and patience!
ps--does anyone see a loom in my future???
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  1. Oh, you have a great blog Connie! Love the music. I will be trying some of your recipe's too. Thanks for the mention, the pics look awesome.

  2. Oh wow! It looks like you may have a new hobby. How fun!

  3. I always wanted to learn to weave - it looks like so much fun. You project really turned out well. I really like the picture of the extremely attractive woman at the loom.(-: